How to start your day with Positive Vibes!


Many of us are guilty of MOPING every morning when we get out of bed, for so many reasons I’m sure you are thinking of right now such as work obligations, shopping groceries, bills to pay and many more which are too numerous to mention.For me sometimes just knowing that i have to get up out of a nice warm and cozy bed makes me mope. You guys can relate! I m often times drawn back  to reminding myself that i  got the best gift i can ever have. LIFE!  And just like that, with this positive thinking I start to appreciate waking up in the mornings. It is essential to remember that how we start our day influences how we carry on or react to certain situations for the rest of the day. Trust me you don’t want to be miserable for the rest of the day. Although this is not an exact science here a a few things that has helped me and will definitely help you start your day with Positive Vibes:

1. Breathe and be Thankful – when you get up in the morning ,take a few minutes to sit on the bed, take deep breaths and get yourself fully awake and alert.Next, motivate yourself by repeating words  “ I am thankful for my life”. Breathing helps promotes calmness and practicing affirmations such as repeating positive statements resonates within in you.

2. Stay away from Social Media– Do not attempt to pick up your phone to run through social media.I am guilty of that but I soon realized that this had to change in order for me to start my morning with positive vibes. My experience was that i was always bombarded with so much information at one time. Politics, Protests, Birthdays, Unnecessary videos and before I know it Ive used up 30 minutes of my time scrolling through my feed. This would make me rush in the mornings missing very important aspects of my mornings.


3. Get that Energy Boost -Get out of the house, take some fresh air, walk, build a sweat, do something to get your energy level up. This might not happen every morning because of various reasons such as time, but remember this little activity gives you a boost of energy and its well worth your time.


4. Never miss breakfast– Do not miss breakfast! Eat a well balance breakfast

I don’t know about you but good food makes me happy! One of my favorite meal is breakfast. Eating a healthy breakfast helps you to start your day on the right note.

5. Check your checklist, stay true to your list- Check your list and remind yourself what needs to be done for today only. This list should be written on the weekend or the night before. You can add to the list as the days go by. As you finish your task remember to check off what was completed. List encourages you to track how much things you get done for the day and it helps in preventing you from procrastinating.

6. Stay calm in uprising situations-  for example :If you have to drive remember keep your calm. I know there are some unscrupulous drivers out there that test your positive vibes. They  want to undertake you , overtake you in traffic hahaah!! Keep your calm. This is where most people tend to get worked up and angry and would paint the car interior in all letters of the alphabets. Stay away from that. Its only a waste of  good energy and good vibes.

7. Smile- One of the best outfits from your closet that you can adorn yourself with is your SMILE

8. Pay a compliment-  It pays to pay a compliment. Giving compliments feels good. Its good that you can acknowledge how someone looks today. Tell them” you look beautiful” this shows strength and good character.

In conclusion small efforts placed into starting your day with Positive Vibes can go a long way. By the time you actually start ticking off those to do list you will feel great! The way you start your day can affect your behavior, your mood, peoples perception about you. In other words you either make or break your day.How do you start your day? What do you think of this routine? Share with me lets have a discussion.

And remember Positive Vibes helps to achieve a Happy Life!